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What’s the Weather Like in GAPAU?

‘’What’s the Weather Like in GAPAU’’ is an immersive and interactive performance with video elements placed in a scenario built upon the possibilities of a data driven economy amidst both natural and human climate disasters.

In the near future GAPAU, a mega tech and data conglomerate of the West, fleeing climate-change disasters and political upheaval moves to a seastead in the middle of the Pacific Ocean. GAPAU’s servers are powered by solar energy, which is highly advanced, economical and preferred over other sources of energy in 2043. However, a volcanic eruption in Japan changes the solar incidence over the planet due to tons of volcanic ash that were propelled into the atmosphere resulting in a long volcanic winter. The game is played out as “the board of directors” acted out by the participants runs against the clock to decide which categories of data will be saved as the solar generated energy starts running low. By employing geopolitical predictions for the world and envisioning the imminent social challenges of data as a new highly prized form of currency, this performance is aiming at plunging the participant into the possible future while contemplating the consequences of both value at large and data as a centerpiece of the global economy.

Working group:
Maria Andreou, Martin Dahlström-Heuser, Philipp Dochantschi, Heta Nikula, Pekko Vasantola