Futures in Process:  Of Sites Rendering Speculation

Immortality Deck

What if immortality could be perceived as fact and not fiction – or somewhere between the two? Immortality Deck is a card game sketching out humankind’s pursuit of immortality and the strategies used to achieve today’s reality of a resistance to the conventional trickeries of death.

The game proposes a series of fragmented narratives – both written and visual – which intertwine immortality myths, histories and science on molecular and planetary scales. Though tenuously connected on face value, the themes of Electricity, Mercury, Carbon and Death burrow deep into the story of immortality and how it came to be a reality in the world of the game. The connections made across the suits and individual cards illustrate how the ‘way of immortality’ is much bigger than the individual human; how connectivity between humankind and the elements, and a collectivity between one another – positioning ourselves as a collective – opens doors to ever-lasting life.

But what kind of immortality does the game suggest? Who has written the rules of this ‘ever-lasting’ life, and to whom do its rules and outcomes belong to? Throughout the archive unfolding through the game – the rules of which were long forgotten – questions of inequality, oppression and abuses of power are asked; speculative responses are proposed in a bid to both appease anxieties and to call out those who practice authority over others.

  • context
  • character
  • event
  • outcome

Working group:
Aurélia Casse, Zahrah Ehsan, Petronella Grönroos, Ro Redd John, Elina Nikkanen, Selina Oakes, Cansu Pylkkänen, Amanda Ripatti, María Paloma Velázquez
Programming: miranda kastemaa