Futures in Process:  Of Sites Rendering Speculation

is a conversation with the superabundant yet still productive notion of speculative futures that has been a staple in the field of art over the past decade.

The project envisages the concept of speculative futures as a nuanced negotiation with histories, geographies, cultures, political spheres and planetary conditions.

Rather than a tense set to arrive sometime later, futures are understood as processes involving constraints, rules, exchange, play, games and aleatory properties. To this end, Futures in Process features contributions by three working groups whereby each can be thought of as both a site and a device that renders feedback loops of speculations that engage others in a process.

In What’s the Weather Like in GAPAU? the site – set in a near future in which climate change is literally leading to societal collapse – is a fictional seastead-territory where the audience participates in decision making processes to determine which types of data should be saved and which should be destroyed on a planet running very short on energy.

In Immortality Deck the site is a tabletop game of cards that allows players to piece together a narrative from a cache of human aspirations for attaining immortality either as an individual quest or an endeavor for species survival.

And, in Fables of the Swaying Worlds domestic and intimate spaces are treated as sites for an altered performativity of various rituals that potentially harbour possibilities for processes of worlding. The project examines the looping qualities of repeated and disrupted events placed within the growing blurriness of private/intimate boundaries.