Futures in Process:  Of Sites Rendering Speculation


Futures in Process: Of Sites Rendering Speculation is a collectively devised project produced within the framework of the Curatorial Project course part of the Visual Cultures, Curating and Contemporary Art Master’s programme at Aalto University, Espoo, Finland. The 2020 course ran from January to June (extended due to Covid-19) and took the mechanisms, aspirations, anxieties and socio-political drives of Sci-Fi as its starting point. It asked the question: what does it mean to take an expanded idea of science fiction seriously, as a framework for artistic and curatorial practice? It explored the intersections of Sci-Fi with political discourses, ecology, planetary imaginaries, different cultures of speculation, contemporary technologies of exchange, economies and art. The course featured presentations and speculative exercises developed by Arthur Röing Baer, Lukáš Likavčan, Bahar Noorizadeh, Ida Soulard and Matthew C. Wilson (in collab. Jacob Lillemose). 

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic the decision was made to reformulate the outcome as an online platform. Further iterations of the work will take physical forms as performative events in connection to a cross-disciplinary art festival organised in collaboration with the Museum of Impossible Forms in Kontula, Helsinki during autumn 2020. Details will be made available at a later date.

Participants in the course were: Maria Andreou, Aurélia Casse, Martin Dahlström-Heuser, Philipp Dochantschi, Zahrah Ehsan, Petronella Grönroos, Tereza Holubová, Ro Redd John, Teuta Jonuzi, Elina Nikkanen, Heta Nikula, Selina Oakes, Cansu Pylkkänen, Amanda Ripatti, Jana Siren, Pekko Vasantola, María Paloma Velázquez

Course Teachers: Bassam El Baroni and Mi You
Webdesign and programming: miranda kastemaa

Working Groups:

What’s the Weather Like in GAPAU?
Maria Andreou, Martin Dahlström-Heuser, Philipp Dochantschi, Heta Nikula, Pekko Vasantola

Fables of the Swaying Worlds
Tereza Holubová, Teuta Jonuzi, Jana Siren
Graphic design: Daša Vašková, proofreading and translation: Joe Duruji

Immortality Deck
Aurélia Casse, Zahrah Ehsan, Petronella Grönroos, Ro Redd John, Elina Nikkanen, Selina Oakes, Cansu Pylkkänen, Amanda Ripatti, María Paloma Velázquez
Programming: miranda kastemaa